Easy freaking peasy answers to your burning questions


1. Who is Modern Maven Studio? 

A kick-ass web design studio for those wanting to take their products and services to the next level with a stellar web design to entice their ideal client. I also make an amazing mojito at happy hour if you’re ever in the ‘hood.


2. Why am I here?

I’m guessing you need a web designer with a great eye for detail. Maybe someone recommended me or maybe my Insta posts made you laugh out loud and you needed to ‘check out that chick’ more. 


3. So what exactly does a web designer do? 

I’m creative and I’m tech-savvy. So I combined these rad skills to build and design websites. I have the ability to understand what is needed to make a website functional, pretty as f*ck and easy to use, but at the same time make it appealing to your ideal client. I start by studying your design brief, industry and target audience. Then I drink a sh*t load of coffee and as soon as the buzz kicks in, I’m off to the land of creativity. 


4. Do you like French Champagne?

Umm…. Do you like French Fries? I.heart.Champagne big time. 


5. I’m a complete newbie at this sh*t. Can you help me?

Fo’ sure! Check out my range of web packages and drop me a line if you want to chat about burritos. 

Remember: it’s the little details that mean the difference between those who just look – and those who book.


6. Why should I stick around and explore your site?

The site is loaded up with tips and tricks for biz owners. You can find articles on colour palettes to branding to the best ice cream ever made. I also like to share hilarious videos (like this one) and compliment you on your prettiness.


7. Will you be my best friend and bail me outta jail?

No, but we can exchange digits and Loom each other.  Does that work for you?


8. I don’t live near you. How are we going to jam together?

Just send me your private jet and I can come to you. 

Or we can email, phone, Skype whenever you like. I’m super quick on email and happy to schedule in chats. I’ve worked with clients from all over the world so time zones mean nudda to designing a website.


9. I’ve never hired a web designer before. Should we work together?

If you’ve made it this far exploring my website, then it’s safe to assume we’re off to a great start. 

But I’m probably not the designer for you if:

  • You don’t believe in investing in good design.
  • You’re time poor. I only work with clients who have the time to commit to the project so the creative momentum flows.
  • You want me to copy someone else’s design. Not cool, senorita. 
  • You can’t stick to deadlines and you think paying on time is for losers. I’m not a bank that offers credit. 


10. Where are you located?

I’m based in Sydney spend a lot of my time travelling between my home studio and my bar fridge. My assistants, Sonny and Benji, currently reside in Dawgville and occasionally bark orders at me.


11. How do you guys work so well together?

Chicken necks, belly tickles & Happy Hour keep us active and in a committed relationship.


12. What is your one piece of advice?

Overpack. It’s why suitcases have wheels now.


13. What’s your favourite word?

I have two favourite words. Aubergine and Debauchery. I’m yet to use both words in the same sentence but when I do, my LORDE will I sound sophisticated.


14. Do you have any advice for tapping into my creative side?

Meditate and drink green juice. Or maybe it’s meditate and drink Champagne. I can’t remember. Try both and see what floats your boat.


15. Are you cool with stalking?

If you’re wearing a dark trench coat and you’re standing outside my window, back the f*ck away.

Otherwise, stalk away here ….. 
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16. Ummm… what now? 

Making the first move in any relationship is boot shaking. All you need to do is click on the button and type the words “Brooke, can you help me?” or “Brooke, let me take you out to dinner” and we’ll go from there. Nice and slow.

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